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Secret for iOS is the app to dispatch all your secrets

Two strangers sitting at the bar of a coffee shop. One reading the newspaper, the other taking small sips of his watered-down coffee. Suddenly, the newspaper man mentions a current event out loud, as if to himself. The coffee guy answers him with a witty comment and they start chatting as if they were lifelong friends . They talk about their children, their work and their wives. It doesn’t take long before they tell their innermost concerns about the burden of the mortgage or that they should pay more attention to their family. They both know that they can trust each other because they will never see each other again. No one will give away their secrets.

Something similar may have happened to you, a moment when you tell a stranger something about yourself that you wouldn’t tell your best friend or partner. Or maybe not. Maybe you’ve always wanted to do it to get comfortable. Release those worries that may keep you awake at night. Tossing and turning in bed.

Secret for iOS is the app to dispatch all your secrets
Secret for iOS is the app to dispatch all your secrets

Well, you’re in luck because now there’s an app for that . It’s called Secret for iOS and its international version just landed a few days ago. That’s why today I’d like to share with you the first steps with Secret and the impressions I’ve taken of this curious app.

What is Secret for iOS

The idea of Secret is to be an open social network where you can tell your secrets to your contacts freely , without them knowing who the person behind those words is. You don’t have to manage lists of friends of any kind. You don’t know who is online at the moment. Nor are you able to follow the secrets of the same person to collect “clues”.

No one but you will know what you have told in this app. The company that developed Secret for iOS has a very strict privacy and security policy (you can check it here). The app is free and they do not intend to sell our data for advertising purposes. However, the fact that it has received 10 million dollars from Google Ventures raises suspicions. If you don’t feel comfortable with this , you can always play voyeur and read what others are writing. You don’t have to share any secrets to do this and I assure you it’s fun anyway.

If you ever regret it, you can unlink a secret from your account . If you prefer something more radical, you can always delete your entire “profile” and your cowardly snitches .

Initial setup and first steps of Secret

You can spread a secret even further on other social networks When you launch Secret for iOS for the first time, you’ll be asked for your phone number and an email account to sign up for. Plus, it needs access to your contacts to introduce you to their secrets. Be aware that will never tell you who has it installed and will not introduce you to your friends’ secrets until you have 3 or more on this unique social network. All this is to make her truly anonymous.
Secret para iPhone, gratis.

You can send invitations to your contacts to join, but they won’t know who sent them the invitation either. If you don’t get them to join, it’s okay, you’ll still be able to see the posts of the people around you by activating the geolocation. It is possible to receive in your Timeline secrets from people in other countries that have become popular . If your secret is talked about a lot and marked as a favourite, it can cross borders.

No profiles, no nicknames and no tracking, Secret wants to make you anonymous

Each person who comments on a secret receives a unique and different avatar for each post. The author of the secret can comment on it and always does so with a crown so that it is known that he is the creator. In this way, you can follow the conversation but nobody can identify a user by their comments on other secrets. Ah! If you don’t like one of these secrets, you can always remove it from your Timeline so you don’t see it again.

Secret for iOS is an interesting social network that I found entertaining. There are posts that I’ve laughed at a lot, other secrets that are witty and a few that force you to reflect a little. The possibility of knowing which ones are coming from your circle adds a little emotion to the thing, but being a social network this aspect is limited to how many of your contacts are on it. If you are interested in the debate about anonymous messaging apps , in Xataka Mobile they are for it and against it.

Anyway, Secret for iOS seems to me to be a curious app to entertain you or waste your time for a few minutes. It seems more like a reaction to Facebook, its openness and lack of anonymity but I think it’s here for a long time. What do you think, would you tell your secrets to an app full of strangers as if it was in the bar of that cafe at the beginning?


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