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Second part of March, key days for Apple in 2019: Rumorsfera

There are three seasons of the year in which we must be more attentive to Apple than ever. The first of these is September, the month of the iPhone and other products. The second is June, the month of WWDC and software. The third of these in recent years has become increasingly important, is March with new iPads, straps for the Apple Watch and special events . With the keynote confirmed for March 25th (in eight days) this becomes more interesting than ever.

Finally, an Apple video service

It has been widely and effectively rumored that the March keynote will focus on Apple’s own video service . Or at least that’s the clue that gives us the official invitation to the press. Apple has called for the media for next Monday, March 25th, when they will present the video on demand service they have been working on for the last few years.

Second part of March, key days for Apple in 2019: Rumorsfera
Second part of March, key days for Apple in 2019: Rumorsfera

There are a lot of expectations , they have hired a lot of big stars from the world of Hollywood and television. They also have industry executives and even aspire to the Oscars and the Emmys according to the latest rumors. This video service will be marked largely by what we see next Monday and that’s when we’ll finally know if it’s going to be paid, if it arrives in Spain or some of the titles we’ll have in the catalog.

At AppleKeynote confirmed: Spring event will take place on March 25

It is also important to remember that there is a service of magazines under subscription and in Apple News that is about to be presented. It would be the evolution of Texture , a company that Apple acquired last year. It is expected to arrive also during this event, possibly within Apple News and only in the United States

The rest to see

The video event is confirmed, although is not the only thing we expect to see . Maybe not during the keynote and maybe not on the same day, although there are a few new things to come. They are the following:

  • Operating system updates:iOS 12.2, watchOS 5.2, macOS 10.14.4 and tvOS 12.2 are currently in their fifth beta. By timing it is very likely that the final versions will reach users if not this next week, at the beginning of the next one along with the special event. It would make sense, since the video service or the new features in Apple News require a system update.
  • New straps for the Apple Watch: Every spring Apple renews its straps for the Apple Watch. It’s spring renewal and we’re already seeing signs that it’s coming, for example many of the current ones are out of stock at the Apple Store Online.
  • AirPods 2: A renewal of the AirPods is expected crying out to the sky for even more than a year. As we know, the upgrade will bring a new wireless charging case and improvements to the headphones themselves to increase autonomy and integrate “Oye Siri”.
  • AirPower: Let’s not give it up yet.
  • New iPad and iPad mini: Everything points to an upgrade from iPad 2018 to a 2019 version. Also an iPad mini 5 has been rumored during the last months and has even appeared in the iOS source code. There are no major developments in sight, beyond updating internal components, not much more is expected.
  • New iPod touch: The rumor jumped out a few months ago and while it’s true that we haven’t heard much more about it lately, it’s possible that Apple will present a new iPod touch with components updated to 2019. That would mean a better processor, maybe a better screen, some more RAM and better storage.
  • Apple’s own credit card: The entry into the world of financing could be by the hand of Goldman Sachs. Apple would be preparing its own credit card, which is much better integrated into iOS than those of other banks according to WSJ. And the best thing: it may become official this March.

Of course the next two weeks of March will be busy . Already they will be with Apple’s video service, and can be much more hectic if the rest of the products and updates arrive as well.

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