Season 2 of The Morning Show: facts about the series

In November 2019, Apple TV+ was launched with little content but great promise. Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon’s series, The Morning Show, was already beginning to be seen as one of the platform’s big bets. It was not in vain, since the good reviews from users and experts were not long in coming and it even won a prize in some of the industry’s contests. Now we get to know how their expected second season will be.

Paralyzed his recordings by the COVID-19

It was only a few days after its premiere that Apple confirmed a second season of this series and as many others that were in the Apple TV+ catalogue. At the beginning of this 2020 the recordings of this second season began, which was due to arrive at the end of the year , more or less on the same dates as the first one. Jennifer Aniston posted a few stories on her Instagram profile that confirmed that the production was on track.

Season 2 of The Morning Show: facts about the series
Season 2 of The Morning Show: facts about the series

The current situation around the world due to the coronavirus has ended up affecting many sectors. As a protective measure, sources close to the production of The Morning Show confirmed in March that filming was being halted. It is not known how far along they were to continue to have November as their estimated release date. In any case, we have no news yet about the return to the sets and how the health measures will affect the recordings.

In any case, it is possible that Apple or the production company could soon give more information about it. Other productions such as See, Dickinson or Servant are also on the verge of premiering their second parts on similar dates.

History and characters of the second season

The first season of The Morning Show opened a season that didn’t end up closing in its final chapter. That tenth episode resolved part of the plot in which Alex and Bradley, characters from Aniston and Witherspoon, made public the sex scandal affecting the show. Not only was former host Mitch Kessler , played by Steve Carel, involved, but the network was aware and when it went public it cut the broadcast.

A devastated ‘Chip’ prowled the grand avenues of New York when this happened, making it clear that his story had to have some continuity after his dismissal. Kessler’s cold face on an elongated glass table that closed the season completely also left several intrigues open about his future and possible charges of sexual harassment.

The situation facing the successful morning show after the broadcast cut will be the starting point of the second season in which, fortunately, the same cast of characters will continue. How this story will progress is the best-kept secret, although it is known that before the coronavirus hiatus there were plans to add a character played by Zach Braff , as he revealed in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

We don’t know if Braff’s character will be episodic or fixed since he joined, just as we don’t know which other more or less well-known actors will participate for the first time in this second season. In any case, it seems that the screenwriters will not make a sudden change as far as their main characters are concerned.

Goodbye to Steve Carell?

The surprise could be with Steve Carell , whose participation had not yet taken place before the recordings stopped. It is clear that his character, even though he is mentioned by others, will continue to be present in the second season because of the important role he has played in history. However, Kerry Ehrin, one of the executive producers, stated that his incorporation was not yet closed.

As we have already said, it is not known to what extent the filming was advanced. Therefore, it is possible that the cessation occurred when there were only a few chapters and therefore Carell’s participation could have some weight in the following chapters. In any case, we will continue to wait for further information that will eventually confirm these and other information.

Trailer and other promotional content

Since the launch of Apple TV+, the company has followed the same line of promotion in all its series. Except for some exceptional cases, no promotional content has been shown until at least 2 months before its release on the platform. Therefore, we find ourselves in the same situation with the second season of The Morning Show. In fact, it is materially impossible to know any trailer considering that it has not been finished yet.

For the moment, we’re happy with the trailer for the first season and the 10 episodes available through the Apple TV app available on all Apple devices and some third-party televisions.

And you, what do you expect from the second season of The Morning Show? You can leave your impressions in the comment box.

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