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Search My iPhone Begins to Give Mac Problems

A bug, according to a small number of users on, has allowed some people to temporarily track and make changes to Macs belonging to other users.

From what seems to be and thanks to several reports on Twitter , users have noticed that some Macs with unrecognized names have started to appear recently when using the Search My iPhone feature from iCloud.

Search My iPhone Begins to Give Mac Problems
Search My iPhone Begins to Give Mac Problems

This way some users could have blocked or deleted their contents in some cases, or simply made a sound play on the device.

According to what we have been able to find out, this problem or small bug could be due to malformatted devices sold to other people . Some users have found that following the steps in this Apple help document will resolve this issue.

This theory makes a lot of sense when you consider that Find My iPhone could be receiving and sending the ping of a bad iCloud account , since the “Find My Mac” settings are saved on a device even after the operating system has been reinstalled.

Apparently, one of the reports on Twitter indicated that the user knew the person on the Mac who appeared in Find My iPhone, so this problem could not only be due to Macs sold to other people. Other used devices could appear because of an improper iCloud account disconnection .

The different users who have reported this problem agree that the best solution is simply to leave the unknown device alone and not make any changes. As we have been told since 9to5mac, other sources indicate that Apple’s iTunes Connect portal suffered a similar problem earlier this year when developers started seeing applications and login names belonging to other developers.

Be that as it may, this is a rather strange bug that could cause serious problems for owners of Macs listed in Search My iPhone by mistake. What do you think about this news? Do you think Apple is having security problems in iCloud?

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