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screen recording and control from the iPhone

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The first is exclusive to Mac OS X 10.6 Server, and consists of the ability to control the system remotely via an interface on the iPhone, called the Mobile Access Server.

screen recording and control from the iPhone
screen recording and control from the iPhone

With this functionality, we are supposed to be able to check mail, contacts in the address book and some web services without having to start a VPN connection to the server , which would save us work and time. At the moment, there is official support for Microsoft VPN and Cisco connections.

The other feature is included in QuickTime X, the new version of QuickTime, and it is a feature to record the actions on the screen , something that until now has only been offered by third party programs, such as Screenflow, which we talked about in Apple.

In this way, Mac OS X would be able to record screencasts or tutorials from scratch and export them to a movie in MOV format . It remains to be seen whether this functionality has advanced controls such as zooming in on certain areas or locating the mouse with a video effect.

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