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Screen capture on a Mac running Windows

You’ve probably seen yourself in Windows under Boot Camp on your Mac and had the urge to take a screenshot, but since the Print Screen key doesn’t appear on Mac keyboards, you’ve turned to the Windows Snippet application. Well, there are two keyboard shortcuts that do the same thing by replacing the classic key.

Many users, for various reasons, are forced to use Windows on their Mac, and since they need the maximum performance they need to do it under Boot Camp natively, and they are not served by virtualization under applications like Parallels or Boot Camp .

Screen capture on a Mac running Windows
Screen capture on a Mac running Windows

Many of them will have noticed that when they go to take a screenshot, the Print Screen key is nowhere to be found , Macs don’t have it. So many clever people turn to the Snippet application, present in Windows.

However, just as there are shortcuts to taking screenshots under OS X , you can also do the same under Windows.

  • To capture the full screen, press Function (fn) + Shift + F11.
  • To capture a portion of the screen, press: Option (alt) + Function (fn) + F11.

Unlike in OS X, which generates the image file immediately, in Windows the capture will be saved in the clipboard, so we will have to go to Paint or Photoshop to paste it there and save it or do what we want with it.

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