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Schooltime, the feature that will prevent distractions in class with the Apple Watch

The youngest children in the house have already been born in the technological age and that is why they are starting to have a mobile phone at an earlier age, something that can be a serious problem for their education because although a mobile phone or a tablet are very useful equipment they can generate many distractions. Now in primary and secondary classes teachers have to deal with those children who bring their mobile to class and start chatting or watching video in the middle of a lesson and that is why Apple is going to try to remedy this thanks to the Apple Watch with a new software feature.

The new function that will arrive at the Apple Watch has the name of ‘Schooltime’ as seen in the code of the watchOS 6 beta and that they collect in the MacRumors media. The operation of this will be similar to the ‘Do Not Disturb’ function which prevents us from having distractions at certain times of the day but always allows for those phone calls or notifications that may be important to us.

Schooltime, the feature that will prevent distractions in class with the Apple Watch
Schooltime, the feature that will prevent distractions in class with the Apple Watch

The lines of code that have given clues about the launch of this new function show that the parents of the children will be able to configure Schooltime so that thanks to the geographical location it is activated while the child is in the classroom and deactivated when he or she leaves it. Once activated the child will have restricted access to certain applications and Apple Watch complications in addition to silencing incoming notifications. However, you can always set up to receive those calls and notifications that we feel are important to the child.

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Although these lines of code have been located in the beta version of watchOS 6, we believe that this is a function that we will also be able to see in iOS since not all children using an iPhone have an Apple Watch.

This can be a very interesting feature for parents to know that their child will not use the iPhone or the Apple Watch in the middle of class. This means that the student can attend class without any problems or distractions coming from the device, since right now we can’t conceive of a world where we don’t have a mobile phone on us even if we are 10 years old.

In addition to this interesting function, watchOS 6 has also revealed that Apple is working on n uestions for our Apple Watch that show us geographic information. With a future update it will be possible according to this information that we can see such interesting data as the altitude at which we are or the latitude and longitude.

It is possible that we will see these new functions that have been filtered with the watchOS 6 code in a future update that will also add the possibility of monitoring the quality of our dream with the Apple Watch natively as we have already mentioned. Next week, with the hypothetical presentation of a new Apple Watch we may also see these new functions at the software level.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of these functions for the Apple Watch, do you see them useful?