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Scarce Chances of Having a Better Battery

For several generations now, many users have been asking for the Apple smartphone to have a larger battery, which would give it a longer life or a longer lifespan. But it seems that those of Cupertino are not very keen on improving the battery in the future iPhone 7 and we tell you all the details.

iPhone 7 will not have a larger battery

Today we learned that the iPhone 6C could arrive this fall, with a four-inch screen, but the larger battery of the iPhone 7 that many rumors had been predicting, seems to be getting in the way. That’s despite the fact that 60% of users want the iPhone 7 to be thicker, which would allow more room to increase the size of the battery.

Scarce Chances of Having a Better Battery
Scarce Chances of Having a Better Battery

A longer battery life is perhaps one of the most talked-about requests on the wish list of the future iPhone 7 , and we want it that way, because we want to put an end to having to charge the smartphone every day at once. But according to Apple’s own chief designer, any increase in battery power for the next generation iPhone has been ruled out or is not one of the company’s priorities at the moment.

It’s true that the power management of the A8 processors in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is greatly improved, but perhaps the screen magnification of the latest models has a higher consumption, so the battery at the end has a duration similar to that seen in the last generation. But there is a possibility of going back to four inches.

A four-inch iPhone 6C may arrive this fall

According to a source on Taiwanese news website DigiTimes , which has contacts with Apple industry sources, has reported that consumers will have a choice of three models this fall . Cupertino’s plan is to launch the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus models, which would maintain the screen proportions of the previous models, but also an iPhone 6C that would have four inches of screen.

Although the source of DigiTimes is actually anonymous, the report provides some very detailed data on the construction of the terminal. It also mentions that the four-inch screen of the iPhone 6C will be built by Japon Display, Sharp and LG Display. By offering more options to customers, with different sized iPhone models, they could make the handsets reach more users . This is perhaps the reason for the decision to launch a four-inch model with the iPhone 6C, to reach that number of users who want a smaller handset.

Battery life is one of the outstanding issues in the latest generation of smartphones, which have increased in power, but it seems that the battery has been relegated to the background or is not as important as the rest of the sections. If the rumors are right, as we have known thanks to The Week, perhaps iPhone 7 will not come with the improved battery power that many users expect.

What do you think of Apple’s decision regarding its possible new iPhone? Do you think it should be more concerned about improving battery life? You can leave your opinion in the comments.

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