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Scanning Documents with iOS 11 from Notes

Without a doubt, Notas is one of the apps that comes standard with iOS that has gained the most functionality in recent years. And now we can scan documents with iOS 11 , regardless of the angle. This is a leap forward for this app and for all those users who use it every day, both for leisure and business.

Scanning Documents with iOS 11

First and foremost, as we say in the title, it is essential to have iOS 11 installed on our device. As soon as it’s ready, we’ll open the Notes app and create a note or open an existing one. With the keyboard displayed, we should see a “+” symbol surrounded by a circle that will display this menu when touched:

Scanning Documents with iOS 11 from NotesScanning Documents with iOS 11 from Notes

We click on scan document and a viewer will open asking us to place the document in it. It doesn’t matter if it is in oblique, crooked or in perspective . The iPhone or iPad will detect that there is a document on a surface and will place a sort of yellow area over it to detect it.

Without us having to do anything, if the image is stable enough it will take a picture and place it as a new document. Best of all and as we said before, you don’t have to get right on top of the “subject” for the system to recognize it. Once we are satisfied, we can modify the corners to our liking to leave the document perfect.

When it is finished, it will be incorporated into our note where it will stay between the text we have entered, both above and below. And that’s it!

More features of the document scanner

The document scanner in Notes can also register more than one page of the same document. When you pull out the first copy, the app itself will tell you that it is ready to add more sheets . Keep pulling out as many as you need, as they will all be waiting for you in the same document embedded between your notes.

From here, you have access to document editing if you need to adjust some corners of the different sheets. You can add new sheets if you want and you can also share it by any means available. From email to Messages or save to Files.

But perhaps the best of these options is found in Dialing. After scanning a document, you will be able to make notes on them thanks to the iOS Mark-Down . Pens, pencils, rubber and different colors, as well as the possibility to enter text and even our own signature. A real Swiss army knife that will avoid us to go through a conventional computer and scanner in many occasions.

This version of Notes allows you to work with scanned documents, sign them and forward them to whoever you want without the need for a conventional computer

The operation of the iOS 11 scanner uses the technology behind ARKit, which is much more sophisticated than that offered by other third party solutions (which will most likely end up migrating their engines to ARKit). It is free and comes standard with all iOS devices. However, the only functionality it lacks is optical character recognition, i.e. an OCR that detects words so that they can be indexed.

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Knowing that an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil is capable of indexing our handwritten notes, it’s quite possible that this feature will arrive in the not too distant future.

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