Say goodbye to the cards with Yudonpay!

How many times have we found all the cards in our wallets scattered on the floor? We might think it’s the wallet’s fault, but nothing could be further from the truth. The problem is the huge amount of cards we carry in it .

This loyalty card of such a supermarket, the customer card of this other store, the list never ends. That’s why the guys from Yudonpay bring us the way to have all our cards in one app , discover it!

Say goodbye to the cards with Yudonpay!
Say goodbye to the cards with Yudonpay!

Often, if we are regular customers in a store, we are offered to make us, free of charge, your customer or loyalty card. Of course, we can’t resist something free, so we usually end up accepting it and the card goes straight away. However, how many times are we going to use it again? No more carrying cards around, Yudonpay is here!

Yeah, you read that right. With Yudonpay we will be able to get rid of those odious cards once and for all and have them all in one application. Thanks to this app, we will be able, in addition to adding our loyalty cards , to sign up for these clubs. And not everything stays there, we will also have the possibility of seeing how the points we are saving in them evolve.

You just made the purchase? You already have enough points to get free movie tickets? Sounds good, right? However, we often miss out on these gifts because we neglect our loyalty cards . This is easily solved with Yudonpay, because they have a new feature, called marketplace, where the benefits associated with each club are displayed.

All this is possible because Yudonpay is able to connect with all the loyalty programs to help us know which are the gifts they offer us , how many points we have and how we can use them, even combining them with different cards. Not only will you save our cards, but you will also help us to make the most of them.

Don’t wait any longer, and get rid of your loyalty cards with Yudonpay!

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