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Saving the iPad ECID before Jailbreak

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We already showed you how to save the iPad ECID from a Windows and now it’s time to do it from a MAC. We leave you with the steps detailed below. It requires a lot of attention to do it correctly.

  1. Download the latest version of the Umbrella firmware (link)
  2. Unzip the .zip file:
  1. Launches the MAC (Applications – Utilities) Terminal.
  2. Type the following path: ApplicationsTextEdit.appContentsMacOSTextEdit etchosts. Press Enter. If you are prompted for a password, enter it.
  1. Once we open TextEdit, we’ll see if there’s a line that says If there is, we’ll delete it. Close and save.
  2. Go back to the folder where you unzipped Umbrella and mount the .dmg image:
  1. Then open the application:
  1. Write your ECID, select the version of your device and the way to reset your SHSH (you must select Saurik – Cydia) To find your ECID follow these steps: Put the iPad in “Recovery Mode” – About this Mac – More Info – Hardware – USB – Apple Mobile Device (Recovery Mode) – Select and Copy the ECID serial (see image).
  2. We press submit.
  3. A new .shsh file will appear in the same folder. Save it.
Saving the iPad ECID before Jailbreak
Saving the iPad ECID before Jailbreak

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