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Saving Safari Pictures on the iPhone with IMGSaver

One of the most missing features of Safari for our iPhone is the ability to save the images we encounter while browsing. For this, an application has appeared that manages to do exactly that, but its use may seem a little complicated at first glance…

This isn’t the case, although the process seems a little tedious , when we understand exactly what the program does and how it does it, we’ll see that everything is simpler than it seems. The application in question is called IMGSaver , and basically it will capture any image if we pass it the complete URL, downloading it to the “Camera Reel” I’ve made a small tutorial as graphic as possible, so that it’s easier to understand everything that needs to be done… as I say, once we’ve seen the whole process, we’ll see that it’s quite simple .

Saving Safari Pictures on the iPhone with IMGSaver
Saving Safari Pictures on the iPhone with IMGSaver

Installation of the necessary applications

– We installed the application ” Safari Addon Features ” from the Installer, adding as a repository in the source list to iSpazio: http:/ , which will add the category iSpazio Apps.

The “Safari Addon Features” is a compendium of mini-applications for Safari mobile, which will add the ability to view only the images of a web, search for similar webs, an integrated javascript search engine … among others.

– We installed the Jiggy Runtime , which you should have in the “Development” category in the Installer ( if you don’t have it, install the “Community Sources” ).

Jiggy is an alternative SDK for creating native iPhone applications. If you remember, we talked about it at Apple at the end of December…

– Finally, we install the application IMGSaver from the category iSpazio Apps created in the first step. Getting the image

With this, we will have all the software needed to save the images. The process I’m going to explain now is to get the direct URL to the image we want to keep. If already knows the URL , we can go to step 5 and enter it directly . Here we go:

1) We enter Safari and navigate to a page where there is an image we want to save:

2) Click on “Bookmarks” in Safari, and then on “Display All Images”. As you can see, this is what we have installed before with the “Safari Addon Features”…

3) We already have all the images of the website we are visiting, in a comfortable way. We click on the one that interests us…

4) … and it will appear isolated in a separate web, with the direct route to it. This path is automatically stored in Safari’s history, so there’s nothing else to do. You can exit Safari by pressing the iPhone’s “Home” button.

5) Enter IMGSaver, from the application icon, and click on “Import History”. Here is the topic I told you about before, if we already knew the URL of the image, now we would press “Enter Manually” and enter the address.

6) A list of recent Safari browsing history will appear. The URL of our image will be the first to appear in the rotating drop-down list. Click on it.

7) Here’s our image! Now click on “Save” to save it to our photos.

… And that’s it! We already have the image on the iPhone reel, ready to use as we wish…

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