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Saving my iPhone battery

Rivers of ink have been written about what and how is the best way to save batteries . Mariano already gave us some clues a few months ago but now there are more. Scotty Loveless has worked for a couple of years as genius in an Apple Store and has written all his knowledge in one post, based on experiments and anecdotes.

iOS 7.1 was a small breakthrough but many users – myself included – are noticing how the battery is flying away . What’s more, from one day to the next I noticed how without doing anything in a single morning the battery would drop to more than 50%, when the normal thing was to lose 10 or 15%. At first I blamed it on the change of 4G and 3G networks, but it was because of the location applications.

Saving my iPhone battery
Saving my iPhone battery

I found out, as Scotty indicates, by doing a little testing. You can find the usage and idle times within the general system settings. This is one of the tests it performs:

If you don’t have any problems, congratulations, you can keep on surfing the blog. Otherwise, read on, as these are the main causes of battery consumption in iOS.

Disable Facebook location and updates

I share this point with Scotty. It wouldn’t be the first time that a genius tells me that Facebook is one of the worst applications for resource consumption in iOS . Facebook is an application that checks our location and constantly updates itself in the background even if we don’t use it. So this is the first thing we should do.

Disable background updates for applications you don’t use

It’s nice to have up-to-date information when you open an application but you don’t have to have all applications use it either . We can leave it on for those we really care about and use. In my case I did it last week with Tweetbot, Feedly, Pocket and some other applications that I use every day.

Do not close multitasking applications

This is the most surprising point. Apparently closing applications that are in the illusory multitasking of iOS wastes more battery than it saves! I laugh now at all those obsessed with not leaving even one open. The problem is that if you do this you constantly take all the data from the application out of the RAM. At first that might be OK but it’s not.

When we need the application in question again iOS will have to load the data again . This stress of loading and deleting data from memory consumes more resources than leaving it as it is. If our iOS device needs more memory and closing applications for us, we don’t have to worry about it.

As many of you know and I said a moment ago the multitasking of iOS is an illusion or a genius depending on where you look at it since at most only a few processes are kept open for a few minutes, apart from the services.

Temporarily disables the push

The theme of push can be complicated. I turned it off for a while and now I have it back on, and I wouldn’t know the difference. It will depend on the type of configuration, the server, settings… If you really don’t need the emails instantly, turn it off . In any case you can always test it in case this is the cause of the battery problems.

Disable Push Notifications

As with background updates, not all applications need notifications . The impact on the battery is not really big but everything counts. You don’t have to be notified by Real Racing every time you are missed or overtaken.

Deactivates the battery percentage

I recommend it to all my friends. Many are surprised to see my screen. That why I don’t have it they all wonder. Why I live happier without stressing if the battery goes down. With the drawing of the battery I have enough to know how I am more or less and I don’t obsess about how much the battery has dropped since I last looked at it.

Go to an Apple Store

Apparently in the Apple Store there is a test that can be done from the iPhone 5 about the battery life. This allows the technician to see the use of the battery in detail. As Scotty says, it’s possible that the battery is defective, but wow, that’s unlikely. A visit to a genius could put us out of our misery.

Activate Airplane Mode in areas with poor coverage

This is the key for me. I recently took a trip on the AVE from Barcelona to Madrid. My colleagues’ battery had diminished considerably when I arrived at Atocha when mine was still the same as when I left after putting my iPhone in airplane mode.

One of the main causes of battery consumption on an iPhone is the search for coverage. For example if we are travelling by train as it was the case or if we are in an area with poor coverage: our iPhone goes crazy looking for an antenna to connect to, or switching from 4G to 3G or other bands. Don’t be fooled by the train’s Wi-Fi, for example, as your iPhone will continue to search for a mobile network.

What many people don’t know is that you can activate airplane mode to disconnect the mobile network but activate Wi-Fi or Bluetooth at the same time. This can be useful with the current legislation in planes that have Wi-Fi connection for example or as we said in areas with poor coverage and Wi-Fi. But no calls or SMS.

As we always say in Applesupportphonenumber after these tips it is best to apply common sense . If you want your battery to last all day don’t play Monument Valley all day, you might just be a powerful iOS user and little else. My last purchase was an external battery in case I leave home for a few days and don’t get stranded, the penultimate one was a Lightning to Micro-USB adapter to use any universal charger, so everything helps.