save the life of a spanish man in a fall after doing sport

A Spanish user suffered a fainting spell after doing sport yesterday. In the fall, he hit his head and lost consciousness. Because he was wearing the Apple Watch Series 4 on his wrist, the device made an emergency call to 112 services and also contacted his family. In this way, she was able to receive attention much sooner, avoiding more serious consequences.

A fading that was left in a scare

The Twitter user “Un Gato Nipón” told in this thread yesterday about his accident. Apparently, and according to the answers, he went to do a bike race of about 7 or 8 kilometers after a season without doing sport. After the session, he suffered a fainting spell and hit his head.

save the life of a spanish man in a fall after doing sport
save the life of a spanish man in a fall after doing sport

The Apple Watch Series 4 has detected the accident and contacted the emergency services, while also calling his family. This allowed the medical services to go to the site and attend to the user , who according to him remained on the ground for at least 5 minutes. Once in the hospital, they performed tests that included a CT scan, stitching the wound and remaining under observation.

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This is not the first time that a person has had an accident and their Apple Watch comes to their aid. In the past we have seen car accidents, water accidents and blackouts at home under similar conditions. The truth is that with increasing frequency , the Apple Watch intervenes to reduce the times when a user in trouble needs urgent help. Even saving lives.

What happens when the Apple Watch asks for help

As a result of such incidents, many users wonder what happens when the Apple Watch calls for help from the emergency services. As can be seen in the image above, the Apple Watch makes a call to 112 and contacts an operator. They then make another call to the user’s number. The first call is 2 minutes long, while the second is only 1 minute long. What do you hear on the other end?

When the Apple Watch Series 4 (the only model with accidental fall detection) detects a hard fall, it waits 30 seconds while sounding a warning that gets louder with the intention of waking the user up if they are unconscious. When the countdown ends, contacts the emergency services . In this video from the CBS network you can see an example of what happens in the conversation (approximately in the second 40). When they pick up, we have Siri giving information about the user’s fall and how he is not responding.

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This audio message is played in a loop until the call ends or someone presses stop from the user’s Apple Watch. In addition to the message, Siri shares the coordinates of the drop with these services and also with the assigned family members in the iPhone health tab. Fall detection is activated by default when the user is 65 or older.

If you are under that age and want to activate it, on your iPhone go to the Apple Watch app> SOS Emergency and turn on the function. However, keep in mind that if you practice strong sports like skiing, it can be accidentally activated as shown in the video above.

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