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Save Money by Improving Your Driving with Drivies for iPhone

Drivies is an iPhone application that allows users to significantly improve their driving and also save money on their car insurance.

The app is designed in the style of a social network in order to facilitate interaction between users , so they can add friends, participate in competitions… Who will be the best driver of your group of friends?

Save Money by Improving Your Driving with Drivies for iPhoneSave Money by Improving Your Driving with Drivies for iPhone

Thus, Drivies promotes the improvement of driving and road safety by collecting statistics on incidents and providing motivation for better driving.

Drivies uses iPhone sensors to analyze your driving data

The Drivies app for iPhone uses your device’s sensors to analyse your driving habits and provide you with all sorts of statistics related to your driving in a fun way.

Drivies capable of detecting:

  • Speeding
  • iPhone Distractions
  • Hard driving (acceleration and braking)

In this way, Drivies allows users to improve their driving, reduce the risk of accidents , obtain fuel consumption statistics, receive trip log information, and save money on car insurance by adding discounts for good driving.

57 % of Drivies users have improved their driving

As we mentioned previously, Drivies rewards good drivers with better prices in the insurance companies. With Drivies you will save up to 50 euros on your car insurance contract . No wonder that up to 57% of users who have tried the app have improved their driving habits.

Finally, it is important to note that Drivies respects the privacy of its users , not sharing data except when requested by the user.

Download Drivies for iPhone from the App Store

You can get the Drivies application completely FREE from the download link below. The app requires iOS 7 or later versions. It is also compatible with Android smartphones.

You know, if you want to avoid accidents during your summer vacation trips, and if you also want to save some money on your car insurance, don’t think twice and download this free application for iPhone and Android.