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Satellite images show the progress of Apple Park

Again we know details of the progress of Apple Park , in this case it is satellite images that show how the work was progressing during the last years and how it is slowly taking shape.

Image of the finished Apple Park

Apple Park, a gigantic work that is taking shape

Satellite images show the progress of Apple Park
Satellite images show the progress of Apple Park

The work that was born from the mind of Steve Jobs , seemed impossible to achieve although as we see, little by little it is advanced and already shows signs of being close to completion.

The Apple Park occupies an area of 260 thousand square meters and its final cost will be approximately 5 billion dollars . The great work will be composed of:

  • Central ring-shaped building
  • 28 thousand square meter R&D Center
  • Auditorium with capacity for a thousand people, called “Steve Jobs Theater”
  • Employee fitness area
  • 11 thousand parking spaces
  • 1800 square meter visitor’s center

During the last months we have seen progress of the work thanks to different aerial images obtained by a drone, this way we knew the advance of the construction during the last year.

We have also seen images of its interior, where the use of glass and metal stands out, giving the interior a minimalist and modern look.

Satellite images of the Apple Park show its progress

Now, thanks to Planet Labs, a company that offers satellite images from all over the world for different purposes, we know how the Apple Park has progressed in the last few years with a different vision from what we knew before.

The images cover from September 2015 to May 2017 , and in those almost 2 years it is clear how each component of the project is taking shape.

From the beginning we see the classic and characteristic central ring , although at first only its internal structure to see it later in an almost finished aspect.

Apple Park Center Ring Progress

In the video it is also possible to see the progress of the Steve Jobs auditorium , at the bottom right, the fitness area at the top left and the R&D centre at the bottom end among other buildings.

Although we have seen many images of the works, this satellite view shows without a doubt the magnitude of the project.

During the last months it was thought that the Steve Jobs auditorium could be ready for the September event, although later we saw how delays in the works would confirm that this would not be the case.

Aerial images from last month show areas of the complex almost ready, so we might think that some offices might start working soon .

As we can see, it seems that the completion of the work is very close, but without having official information from Apple, we cannot confirm a date .