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Samsung’s Wall Huggers campaign hits airports

Samsung launched a campaign in July directly attacking the iPhone, which they called Wall Huggers. This was a way of mocking the iPhone while promoting the Galaxy S5, which exposed the iPhone’s short range, and the battery-saving capabilities of the Korean flagship.

Well, now they wanted to take it a little further, and have started to put up signs in airports, right at the terminals’ sockets , where it is not very unusual to see people lying on the ground “plugged in” to their iPhone. The ad says that You have the power to be anywhere but here . This message revolves around Apple’s slogan with its You Are More Powerful Than You Think.

Samsung’s Wall Huggers campaign hits airports
Samsung’s Wall Huggers campaign hits airports

The truth is that the small battery of the iPhone shows its autonomy with respect to the competition . However, the power management of iOS is to be applauded. With only half the battery of its competition, it is able to last only a few hours less than phones like the Galaxy S5.

The interesting thing is that Samsung has created a new mode in its customization layer called Ultra Power Saving Mode, which puts the screen in grayscale and limits access to some apps when the battery is low . It also disables 4G and Wi-FiBluetooth, giving us 24 hours of autonomy with less than 10% battery life. In other words, our phone can be turned into an old-school Nokia in emergency situations.

The iPhone, on the other hand, is capable of performing at 100% to the last drop of battery power , although we have already told you in Applesupportphonenumber some tricks to improve the duration, such as disabling Bluetooth, applications in the background or GPS. iOS 8 will also allow us to keep the battery consumption at bay, as it will show us a screen that tells us which apps or services are consuming more energy.

All that remains is to see how the iPhone 6 defends itself in terms of autonomy , and to see if Cupertino will finally dare to put in a decent capacity battery, which added to the excellent energy management of iOS could be brutal.

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