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Samsung says demand for OLED panels for iPhone X has been ‘slow

Many suppliers have stated that the demand for iPhone X components has been quite low, an indication that sales have not been very good, although they have not been a failure either. This group of suppliers has been joined by Samsung claiming that demand for OLED panels for iPhone X has been rather slow, i.e. they did not have to take out many units per day.

Bloomberg was the medium that analyzed the earnings report presented by Samsung where it was noted that the gains in the manufacture of screens has had a downward trend due to low demand for OLED panels for Apple. This could have been an important factor for the South Korean company to grow only 3.4% this quarter when overall it grew 20%, although obviously Apple is not entirely to blame, it is one of many factors.

Samsung says demand for OLED panels for iPhone X has been ‘slow
Samsung says demand for OLED panels for iPhone X has been ‘slow

Samsung itself has detailed that this decrease in profits has been due to the low demand for flexible OLED honeycombs , although due to the competition that is present in this field, it should be taken as a challenge for the company to grow in the rest of the sectors.

On Bloomberg they have collected this data in the following way:

The South Korean electronics manufacturer said in a earnings report today that profits from its display business “were affected by low demand for flexible OLED panels. The division’s sales increased 3.4 percent in the last quarter, compared to 20 percent for Samsung as a whole.

With all this, Cupertino’s company has suffered a process of discredit towards its flagship and its sales . The vast majority of suppliers have stated a decrease in their production compared to forecasts, something we hope not to see next year with the new devices.

In the presentation of results next May 1st surely Tim Cook of some hint to these companies that are currently “attacking” Apple, although the way to hit the table is to break down how many units of each device have sold in each quarter, something that unfortunately we will not see, although they want to sell as a transparent company.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this Samsung report by dropping that Apple is not having very good sales.

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