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Samsung mocks Apple with an ad, again

Apparently, Samsung has been playing pranks on the iPhone 5 release. A few hours ago, they published a new ad on YouTube, in which, of course, they compare the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S II. But is this the best way to get known? I don’t think so, although it seems that at Samsung they are not so sure.

This is not the first time Samsung has made fun of Apple through a commercial. A few days ago she showed a poster comparing her – spectacular – Samsung Galaxy S III with the iPhone 5. They have done it again, this time they have published a video on YouTube in which some supposed fanboys are queuing up in various Apple Stores in the United States. Meanwhile, several people armed with Samsung’s terminal appear, making use, for example, of NFC, the iPhone’s weak point. Attacking the enemy’s weak spot through advertisements? , very good, Samsung.

Samsung mocks Apple with an ad, again
Samsung mocks Apple with an ad, again

Okay, the Samsung Galaxy S III has NFC, so what? , is teaching what the competition doesn’t have the best way to advertise? , I don’t think . It seems to me that Samsung is falling pretty low by having to make its flagship product great through the shortcomings of others. I’m not saying Samsung has a bad terminal, but they don’t have the best way to advertise it. In fact, the ad would be great if it showed off its most attractive features (NFC or the eye detection system that turns off the screen, for example) but without emulating the queues at the Apple Store. On the other hand, we must remember that Apple has been making fun of the competition for years. This is the case with Intel processors or the Get a Mac . Now that they are leaders in the sector, it is easy to focus on their wonderful user experience, but this was not the case in the past.

I think Samsung should focus more on its products and leave Apple alone. Or maybe take an example – which doesn’t mean plagiarizing – and make their products great through the user experience and not through ads . Because there are times when it backfired on you, as we’ve seen recently.

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