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Samsung may stop supplying LCD screens to Apple (Updated)

We all know that the relationship between Apple and Samsung was not at its best, but until now they have remained united in a marriage of convenience. This seems to be coming to an end, following Samsung’s decision not to continue supplying LCD panels to Cupertino’s company.

We all know that the relationship between Samsung and Apple is not in its best shape. They’re each throwing their stuff at each other. That if you don’t copy this, if I sue you for the other, etc. And of course, we all know that a couple that is constantly arguing sooner or later ends up one way or another, getting divorced . And in this couple that end seems closer and closer. Although the arguments were continuous, until now there was always something that kept them together, some children called business. One supplied components to the other one while the other one watched how he had a heavy client in his wallet. But little by little, the business has been fragmented.

Samsung may stop supplying LCD screens to Apple (Updated)
Samsung may stop supplying LCD screens to Apple (Updated)

A further step towards the breakthrough was taken by Samsung, which told The Korea Times on Monday that it will stop supplying LCD panels to Cupertino’s company from next year . The reason seems to be the low profit margins Apple offers, coupled with the emergence of other suppliers such as Japan’s Sharp, which will supply screens with Igzo technology.

This can be a severe blow to Samsung’s economy, because although Samsung is one of the most self-sufficient companies in the world, Apple was until recently its most important customer. However, Apple began reducing its orders for LCD panels in September to other companies such as the aforementioned Sharp and the other large Korean company, LG. These two manufacturers appear to be able to meet Apple’s high demands, both in terms of manufacturing processes and quantity. Moreover, although Samsung’s displays were excellent, Sharp’s Igzo panels, which are equipped with the Sharp Aquos, for example, are no match for them.

Both the reduction in profit margins and the drop in orders were two factors, but not the only ones. Apple was already trying to reduce its dependence on Samsung for component supply . The first step was to design its own processors (A4, A5 and A6) and later its own RAM.

But on the other hand let’s not expect this divorce to end up with either party experiencing hardship . Samsung has many other customers, not only for screens, but also for the different components it manufactures, and they are not few. Apple, for its part, is increasingly self-sufficient and is starting to release groundbreaking and innovative products, products that have been missing from its catalogue for almost three years. We will have to wait for the next moves .


Samsung, through Cnet, has denied every single point that it would cease to be a supplier of LCD panels to Apple. The Korean company is calling on The Korea Times to retract its words and modify the article in question, stating that its relationship with Apple does not have an expiration date for the time being.

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