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Samsung launches new models of its records

Samsung wants to remain one of the main drivers of external SSD storage. Taking advantage of the CES 2020 window, the company has launched new external SSD storage units in its T series, which is considered one of the highest performance ranges on the market. The new model has been named Samsung SSD T7 Touch , and has a new fingerprint reader.

That reader adds an additional security layer over the data we want to keep there, encrypting it with the 256-bit AES system . It is not enough to connect the disk to a computer to be able to read it: its owner will have to place his finger on the reader for the files to be decrypted. The reader is capable of storing up to four different fingers, so several people can share the disk. Or one person can use four different fingers on their hands, of course.

Samsung launches new models of its records
Samsung launches new models of its records

The T7 also stands out for its performance: can write data to almost 1 GBs and read it to 1.05 GBs . The secret is its support for the USB 3.2 Gen 2 standard, which works at theoretical maximum speeds of 10 Gbps. There’s a USB 3.2 standard called Gen 2×2 that works at twice this speed, but we’re not going to complain.

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Samsung will sell the T7 Touch at the end of the month all over the world, and for the moment the official price in the United States will be 130, 230 or 400 dollars for the 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB models respectively. You will be able to connect to Macs with USB-C and classic USB-A thanks to the included cables, so the compatibility will be total.

With these prices, by the way, it is quite clear that the exaggerated prices for the first external SSD storage units have been left behind. An external mechanical hard disk will still be more expensive, but the difference is gradually narrowing.

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