Samsung hires the judge who made Apple publicly apologize

Samsung has hired, according to Florian Mueller, a Foss Patents worker, the judge who made Apple publicly apologize on its website. All this happened during the famous patent war, which is still going on today. Apparently UK law allows a judge who has been involved in a case about a company to be hired by that same company in another country.

Do you remember that case, a few months ago, in the middle of the Apple – Samsung battle in which a British judge made Cupertino’s people publicly apologize on his website ? It was an unprecedented punishment, really strange, but Apple knew how to handle the situation quite well.

Samsung hires the judge who made Apple publicly apologize
Samsung hires the judge who made Apple publicly apologize

As it turns out, Florian Mueller, a worker at Foss Patents, was doing some research on the Apple and Samsung trials and came to the surprising finding that the same judge who ordered Apple to publicly apologize and pay Samsung’s legal fees, Sir Robin Jacob, has recently been hired by the Korean brand as an expert witness .

I am sure many people reading this will think that there is a need for reform of the law in the UK, as this seems to be one of those laws that nobody pays attention to until such a case occurs. Not because it is anything serious or worrying, but simply because it seems like something that can be used to manipulate a judge.

The fact of being hired by a company that has been judged can be a reason for lack of impartiality in the trials, although we do not believe this is the case of Sir Robin Jacob, who has attended one of the most controversial and difficult trials in recent times.

We assume that their engagement is the result of Samsung liking their way of acting with the rival company and believing that it can help them in the matter of the expertise. We are sure that Sir Robin knows the law of the United Kingdom very well and has taken every precaution to be able to accept this job without any problem.

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