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Samsung has made a proposal to Apple to end their disputes

The Wall Street Journal

Lawyer for Korean manufacturer David Catterns said after the hearing in the Australian Federal Court in Sydney that if the proposal is accepted by Apple they could start marketing the tablet Galaxy Tab 10.1 next week.

Samsung has made a proposal to Apple to end their disputes
Samsung has made a proposal to Apple to end their disputes

Everything seems to point to the fact that the agreement, the conditions of which are completely unknown, in principle only affects the Australian market, where Apple has managed to delay the launch of the Galaxy Tab until the courts have given a final ruling on the case. If that were the case, Samsung would still have to negotiate other agreements in countries such as Germany, where its tablet was already being distributed before it was withdrawn from the market; the US, Japan or South Korea, where it is facing similar lawsuits.

The legal disputes between the two companies began in April, although as recently as July 2010, Steve Jobs contacted the Koreans directly to try to resolve the situation peacefully.

Surprisingly enough, Apple is one of Samsung’s main customers. Together with LG, they supply the iPad 2 screen among other components. We’re talking about some $7.8 billion a year that is beginning to be diverted to other companies like TSMC, supposedly chosen to manufacture the A6 chip that will equip the next generation of iOS devices.

It seems clear that Samsung is seeing that she does not have them all with her and is beginning to be willing to do whatever it takes to put the matter behind her before the Christmas season. Apple’s response should not be long in coming.

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