Samsung Galaxy S7 Forces Apple to Switch to OLED Displays

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has already been presented in Barcelona a few days ago within the framework of the MWC and has not left anyone indifferent. The new competitor of the iPhone has been stepping on it and could even force Apple to make the leap to OLED screens in the not too distant future.

Some say the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the best screened smartphone ever. As a result, rumours have started to circulate about the possibility of Apple making a change to OLED screens in the next two or three years.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Forces Apple to Switch to OLED Displays
Samsung Galaxy S7 Forces Apple to Switch to OLED Displays

The display of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is significantly better than the previous model of the smartphone , including the increase in brightness by up to 29%. In addition, visibility in bright environments has also improved significantly and power consumption is more efficient.

The display of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is now equal to and even slightly superior to that of the Galaxy Note 5 in terms of brightness, colour accuracy, contrast in bright ambient conditions. The Galaxy S7 also uses sub-pixel representation, which significantly improves image sharpness by treating red, green and blue sub-pixels as individual image elements .

These improvements are directly linked to advances in Samsung’s OLED display technologies, which have a number of quite significant advantages over LCD panels. OLED panels are thinner and lighter, with thin bezels, faster response times , better viewing angle and an always-on mode.

From MacRumors they comment that in general, OLED technology is improving little by little and is increasingly competitive with LCD technology. The latter are still more energy efficient if they show mostly white content, such as text on a white background, but OLED screens are more energy efficient with mixed image .

Apple has been using different LCD display technologies on the iPhone since the launch of the first generation in 2007. However, several reports indicate that the first iPhones with OLED screens will see the light at the end of 2018.

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