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Samsung could re-supply displays for Apple

They look like two great enemies condemned to understand each other. We are talking about Apple and Samsung, those two big corporations involved in millionaire lawsuits, which try to attack each other at every moment, and yet afterwards maintain agreements that benefit both equally. This time we are talking about the possibility that Samsung’s Koreans will once again manufacture LCD screens for use in all Apple devices.

It is sometimes said that in certain situations strange travelling companions are formed and this is what can be attributed to the situation experienced by Apple and Samsung on this occasion.

Samsung could re-supply displays for AppleSamsung could re-supply displays for Apple

Embroiled in countless legal battles for many different reasons, two of the largest companies in the technology sector seem condemned to understand each other in more situations than would almost certainly be desirable by a large group of managers.

In this way, and as we can read in TechnoBuffalo, Apple is once again establishing a relationship with Samsung in order to make this its main supplier of LCD screens with which future devices are equipped under the Apple brand.

In practice this would mean the reduction of orders for two other large suppliers such as Sharp and LG . The reasons for this return to the origins are not yet clear, as we must remember that in the past Samsung supplied a large number of components to the assembly line of Apple products. Samsung’s processors and memories were used by Apple in a notorious way, although the struggle maintained on other fronts and the creation of the processors by Apple itself reduced this dependence .

Perhaps the reason for this return, as is rumoured in different media, is the great capacity that Samsung would have to produce a very special type of LCD screen characterized by the use of a thinner glass. These are used in a large number of Apple products, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or even MacBook Pro.

It is clear that far from trials and lawsuits, it is primarily economic interest and similar settlements can be very beneficial to both parties. In this way another famous saying would be fulfilled and that is that what your left hand does that your right hand does not know.