Samsung and Apple will own the smartwatch market

The fact that part of the consumer electronics market is turning to the so-called wearable devices , is not new, and we have already had the first smart watches on the market for some time, as well as other accessories such as bracelets and even glasses, such as the famous and at the same time controversial Google Glass.

With Apple about to launch its long-awaited iWatch, or depending on the source, its iTime, and with manufacturers such as Sony and LG having devices of this type already available on store shelves, a few words from the Chief Analyst of Jackdaw Research, dedicated to business and market analysis, Jan Dawson, questions the viability on the market of precisely a significant part of the wearable devices , the already mentioned smart watches.

Samsung and Apple will own the smartwatch market
Samsung and Apple will own the smartwatch market

According to Dawson, the global outlook for sales of smart watches is not very positive, and beyond the assured place that the two consumer electronics giants have, and the mobile phone market and tablets , Apple and Samsung, there will be almost no market share available that is profitable enough for other companies to enter fully into marketing them.

In the same report, Dawson recommends existing suppliers not to maintain investment , when the market growth and future outlook is currently quite poor and there is no sign of improvement. Beyond Apple and Samsung, it can be expected that there are a couple more sellers who can participate in the market , but in a very small minority and without making real competition to the American and South Korean company.

With these words, and with the expectations placed on the launch of Apple’s smart watch, which according to the latest reports, will take place in October , and with the feeling that Samsung has long since lost ground in terms of launching truly innovative and quality devices, some are giving Apple the absolute king of this market in a short time.

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