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Samsung and Apple face off for another copy at CES 2020

Samsung in recent years has openly taken the piss out of many of Apple’s design decisions, but in the end they have done exactly the same thing. The iPhone has certainly inspired many design teams to design competing phones, and today a new scandal has erupted over Samsung’s blatant ‘copying’ of Apple.

These days the CES 2020 is being held in Las Vegas and many companies are making some interesting announcements. Specifically, Samsung has introduced the new Samsung Pass with a series of icons that are sure to be familiar.

Samsung and Apple face off for another copy at CES 2020
Samsung and Apple face off for another copy at CES 2020

The first icon that attracted a lot of attention is the one used by Samsung to refer to the biometric unlocking with the user’s face. This icon is identical to the one used by Apple to represent Face ID , by blatantly copying the outline, the mouth and even the nose that has the same angle. This has caused many people to put their hands to their heads, and with good reason. Sometimes companies can be inspired by other brands but in a somewhat subtle way, but this time they have taken the Apple Face ID icon directly and implemented it in the Samsung Pass.

Another icon that has also ended up being clearly copied is the one related to the unlocking through fingerprint. At Samsung they have opted for the icon of a fingerprint which is exactly what Apple uses to refer to the Touch ID.

Right now if we take a Samsung mobile phone we don’t see these icons when we set up the facial recognition, and that’s why it’s very important to us that in this presentation this image has been snuck in where there is a clear copy to Cupertino’s company.

This has caused fans from both sides to engage in discussion through social networks, but it is possible that Samsung will rectify at the end and these icons will remain only an anecdote of the presentation at CES 2020. As we have said before, this would not be the first time that we see some collisions between companies but this one seems too evident to us and we do not think it will continue after this scandal.

Leave us in the comment box what you think about this little scandal that has been generated between Samsung and Apple.

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