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Samsung also copies the OS X Dock and integrates it into your new Windows 8 PC

After the rivers of ink spilled on the legal process between Apple and Samsung in which, as we all know, Cupertino’s are winning, now we have another piece of news of alleged copying by Samsung. As the South Koreans seem not to have had enough of the million-dollar compensation they have to pay Apple for plagiarism, they are now bringing out the S Launcher, a Windows 8 application launcher whose design is somewhat familiar. Plagiarism? Redesign?

At Samsung, they don’t seem to learn anything. In Mashable we have found this surprising news. Apparently, more than a billion dollars is not enough, so Samsung has decided to equip its new Windows 8 PCs with an application launcher, the S Launcher , whose design sounds quite familiar to Mac users.

Samsung also copies the OS X Dock and integrates it into your new Windows 8 PC
Samsung also copies the OS X Dock and integrates it into your new Windows 8 PC

In principle, the reason that the South Korean giant can adduce when including this launcher is that the new Windows operating system has dispensed with the classic Start button , something that will surely give quite a bit of talk, since it is considered one of the main signs of identity of the Redmond people. So Samsung, to please the more classic users and less prone to drastic changes, has decided to include this widget in its new PCs. And so far, so good.

But, of course, if we take a look at the design of the widget , it sings quite a lot. The looks very similar to the OS X Dock , with the trapezoid background and the icons superimposed on it. Who knows if when you open an application the icon in question will begin to give little boats, a fact that for some will be a plagiarism and for others an innovation, depends on the perspective from which you look at it. More information: it is, at least, shocking that by clicking on the S Launcher you have the possibility to write what you are looking for and that a list of coincidences will appear. I don’t know why, but it’s also familiar to me as an OS X user: Isn’t it a mix between Launchpad and the search option?

If we keep digging, it turns out that we can also drag and drop applications into S Launcher , in case we want to have quick access to the programs we use most. The question is whether when we remove them from the fantastic S Launcher we’ll see an icon below that reminds us of a piece of paper made into a ball. Who knows?

I forgot to mention that from the Samsung widget we can also control the system preferences, does that sound familiar? It does to me, it sounds familiar and it smells like a bad copy, although we’ll have to wait to try it out, it’s more functional than the OS X Dock and it’s a improved idea instead of a volume and spine plagiarism .

In short, the fact that having to pay a billion dollars is not a sufficient corrective opens up many unknowns: does Samsung have a money-making machine hidden in a bunker? have they heard of the word creativity? would they be skilful enough to take an idea and improve it in such a way that it seems to be theirs?

Finally, if you see a truck with the Samsung logo on the highway, do not think that it is loaded with nickels to pay the fine to Apple .