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Safari wants to win back our trust, and it’s on the right track

Safari 6

And we focused on the main new features of the new OS X: full integration with iCloud, notification center… but there were surprises: Mountain Lion improves (and much) the overall performance of both Mac and Safari .

Safari wants to win back our trust, and it’s on the right track
Safari wants to win back our trust, and it’s on the right track

I myself was pleasantly surprised after upgrading the system and applications on my three-year-old MacBook Pro: I noticed the improvement in system performance right away, especially with the animations. And Safari has literally made me look at the ubiquitous Chrome with different eyes. Loading is very fast, scrolling is smooth, and new unified search and address zone and content sharing features bring the browser up to speed.

Considering that Safari is a browser that has never stood out from its competitors (annual updates, almost no changes in its appearance since its birth), that it has caused these impressions among the first users of Mountain Lion is quite an achievement. And some features like open tab synchronization between devices come just in time to counteract the newcomer Chrome for iOS. All in all, a good move.

At the end of February I had three demands for Safari on OS X Mountain Lion, demands without which I’m not comfortable with a browser right now. Apple has only met one of these in its sixth version, but it has also shown that it is gradually demonstrating its potential. The increase in performance and its integration with iCloud has led to giving it another chance as the main browser , even without any search prefixes or tabs set.

Now all that’s left is for Apple to worry a little more about its browser in front of its rivals. The bad news is that it doesn’t seem to be interested in the Windows market anymore and is going to focus exclusively on iOS and OS X, although Cupertino has every right to make this move if they see that the number of Safari users on Windows is too low. Focusing again on Apple platforms and leaving aside my particular demands, very little is needed: more regular updates and new features that really compete with those of their rivals .

It’s as if Apple has taken all the scattered features of Safari and linked them together with iCloud and a power boost to make it stronger. Safari 6 has been a good start to regaining the confidence of all the masters, and if it evolves further it can once again become the quintessential Mac browser over Firefox and even Google Chrome. Although it may be too soon to say that .

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