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Safari Technology Preview Version 11 Now Available

Apple lanza una versión de Safari para desarrolladores

In March of this year the apple company introduced us to ‘Safari Technology Preview’, an alternative and experimental version of Safari where developers can test the beta and pre-beta versions being tested from Cupertino. Since then, the application has been in a trial period and therefore, Apple has just released version number 11 .

Safari Technology Preview Version 11 Now AvailableSafari Technology Preview Version 11 Now Available

What’s new in this new version of Safari Technology Preview focuses on bug fixes and updates for JavaScript, web APIs, Apple Pay, MathML, CSS, Rendering, content blockers, and accessibility.

The Safari Technology Preview 11 update is available through the software update mechanism on the Mac App Store to anyone who has previously downloaded the browser. The versions are available to developers running both Sierra and El Capitan MacOS. The full version for the update is available on the Safari Technology Preview website.

Although the recently released Apple browser is made for developers, any user can try it out and use it as their default browser , even if they have the main version of Safari. Benefits include access to the latest HTML and CSS on the Internet, constant browser updates, and the ability to use developer tools in the browser.

Also, by using it we can give feedback to Apple so they can improve the system and we can use the normal version of Safari at the same time without any inconvenience.

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