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Safari para OS X Mavericks

Características de OS X Mavericks

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Safari para OS X Mavericks
Safari para OS X Mavericks

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OS X Mavericks is probably the most advanced and stable operating system at the moment. That’s why in Applesupportphonenumber we want to dedicate special attention to it, launching a series of articles in which we show how to make the most of Apple’s new operating system. We have to talk about Safari, Apple’s default browser, which in this last version is extremely fast.

The new Safari that comes standard with OS Mavericks considerably improves its speed thanks to the technologies it uses. For example, it’s able to process the pages we visit the most impressively, making it ultra-fast to return to them.

Safari takes advantage of new technologies and features like Nitro Tiered JIT and Fast Start , which make web pages load faster than in other browsers. Safari also lets you reduce the battery drain on your notebook by not processing the web pages in the background as well as the ones in the foreground.

Top Sites

Allows for much easier organization of bookmarks and favorites. Adding or changing the organisation of Favourites doesn’t cost anything, Apple always tries to make everything very simple, so we only have to drag the elements to make them to our liking.

Shared links and sidebar

This function shows in the sidebar what our contacts are posting on different social networks such as LinkedIn or Twitter. It’s a very interesting way to discover new content on the web, thanks to what the people we follow are publishing. Of course, I recommend you try this new function thoroughly and in detail, because it’s worth it.

In the Sidebar we’ll see our favourites, the reading list – where we’ll have articles saved to read later – or the shared links that we discussed earlier.

Remember that you can see previous articles from the OS X Mavericks Special , also the OS X Backup Special we did in Applesupportphonenumber may be of interest.


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