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Russia asks Apple to remove Telegram from the App Store

Russia is still at war with Telegram , where in addition to blocking the app in the country itself, it is now asking Apple to directly remove it from the App Store.

A few days ago we told you how Telegram refused to hand over the data of its users to the Russian authorities. After the refusal, a court ruled the immediate blocking of the application in the country.

Russia asks Apple to remove Telegram from the App Store
Russia asks Apple to remove Telegram from the App Store

Now, the Russians go one step further and directly want it to disappear from the App Store. Apple has already removed it temporarily for not complying with the terms and conditions of the Californians. But now Telegram is facing a different problem, where Apple has the ball in its court.

Despite the fact that the Russian government blocked the IPs of Telegram services, many users have installed a VPN in order to bypass this restriction. Although this patch is not valid for all users who want to use the popular instant messaging application, it does allow bypassing the restrictions that the Russian government is imposing.

The founder of the application himself, Durov , has issued a statement through his own Telegram channel, where he refers to the strong pressure from the Russian state. He emphasizes the protection and privacy of users’ data, where he is not willing to hand them over to the authorities.

In response to Russia’s request that Apple remove it from the App Store, Durov himself launches a dart against the Californians on his Telegram channel :

The power that local governments have over IT corporations is based on money. At any given time, a government can block their actions by threatening to block the revenue streams of their markets and force these companies to do strange things (remember how last year Apple moved the iCloud servers to China).

At Telegram, we have the luxury of not worrying about revenue streams or ad sales. Privacy is not for sale, and human rights should not be compromised by fear or greed .

Currently, Telegram is the main instant messaging application in Russia, so it is a real problem for all users who use it every day for direct and instant communication.

What do you think Apple should do?

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