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Rumors point to the inclusion of 5G

It seems that the 5G will end up expanding like foam in the year 2020 in Cupertino’s company. There are many rumors that the iPhone to be presented in September will finally include this type of connectivity but this will not be the only equipment that will include this novelty. In this article we tell you the latest rumors about the company’s new releases.

According to a report published by DigiTimes, Apple is developing an iPad that supports 5G connectivity with mmWave. Sources from Taiwan’s semiconductor suppliers appear to be saying they are preparing antenna technology for the 5G iPad.

Rumors point to the inclusion of 5G
Rumors point to the inclusion of 5G

This is obviously a feature that we would see in the iPad Pro as we are talking about a high-end feature and therefore has a higher production cost. It wouldn’t make sense to introduce this feature in the cheaper models as it would make them more expensive and it’s not the most obvious strategy.

Last year we must remember that we did not see a renewal of the iPad Pro. This may be an indication that this year we will see significant changes in this range after a year of rest. Already all the rumours are that the iPhones to be presented in September will finally include 5G connectivity. But there is no evidence of when the renewed iPad Pro range will be introduced. If we look at previous years, it is possible that it will be presented at the end of the year in the same way but we never know what surprises Apple has in store for us.

For the iPad Pro LTE this can be a very interesting feature as it will allow a higher data transfer speed on the Apple tablet. For those people who work on the move with this equipment this can be great news since they will be able to download files in a really fast way for example.

As mentioned above, rumors point to 5G mmWave. This means that a millimeter wave is used to be able to offer ultra fast speeds over short distances. This is ideal especially for dense urban areas where 5G connectivity is not the best in the world.

We will surely have to wait until the end of the year to see the presentation of the new iPad Pro which we hope will surprise us after this year of rest it has had.

And you, what do you think about the iPad Pro including 5G connectivity?