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Rumors of more tablets at Apple

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What? But weren’t we done with this when the iPad came out? It seemed that way, but according to the news that came out today it seems that we still haven’t seen all the surprises that Apple has to bring us: It seems the company is working on a second tablet, bigger than the iPad .

Such a device would be closer to a Mac than an iPhone, and could have a respectable 15.4-inch screen , a size currently found on MacBook Pro. As for the operating system, it would have a modified version of Mac OS X and not a special version of the iPhone OS, as is the case with the iPad.

Rumors of more tablets at AppleRumors of more tablets at Apple

The uses of a tablet of that size are doubtful, although Apple may have a good ace up its sleeve. Mac OS X 10.7, which we don’t know anything about yet, might have something to do with this project . Between Jobs saying that the next computers will take Apple to a new level, the rumors of the iMac touch and with this apparent bigger tablet, we can have a very but very focused year on the touch.