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Rumors of Apple’s location tag have not gone unnoticed by Tile

Tile, the company known for being behind the beacons that allow you to locate objects, is in alert mode. The growing rumors about an Apple tag similar to yours have not gone unnoticed at their headquarters, judging by one of their latest moves. The company has sent headphones that integrate its location technology to the press, with a message that leaves no room for doubt.

As you can see in this tweet , Tile is sending headphones with his technology. Here you see Mark Gurman from Bloomberg with some Bose Soundsports , accompanied by a note where you can read this message in part (we translate the two most interesting paragraphs):

Rumors of Apple’s location tag have not gone unnoticed by Tile
Rumors of Apple’s location tag have not gone unnoticed by Tile

It is a clear attempt by the company not to be inundated by the possible announcement of a device similar to theirs. Although Tile seems to have shifted their focus from tags to device integration, they believe Apple’s announcement could overshadow them for their October plans. Tile became known a few years ago with its smart tag that allows you to locate it through an app (they sell them from 20 euros and there are packs of several units). Now it has several models and even a system to help locate it when we are out of range.

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The problem with this system is that it relies on other users having the app installed to work over a long range. In June, Apple announced in its WWDC a system to find a lost Mac, using the amplifier to device s of the mark but of other users. Maintaining a private and secure communication, it is very likely that the rumored Apple locator uses this same system. Overall, Apple’s “network” will be several times larger than Tile’s, increasing its usefulness in locating lost items.

Next week there’s a rumor that there’s going to be a One more thing again. This Apple locator has many ballots to be the device unveiled in this part of the presentation.

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