Rumors iPhone 12: Filtered design possible

September is the date marked in red by all Apple fans and by the company itself. Not for nothing, it is the month in which it usually presents its star products: the iPhone. Unless we are surprised, we will see new devices in this month, so there are still a little less than 6 months to discover them. However, information about this device, as well as renderings of its hypothetical design, are already circulating on the networks.

Possible design without ‘notch’ of the iPhone 12

The iPhone X launched in 2017 not only incorporated succulent internal improvements, but also completely reinvented the aesthetic concept we had had of the iPhone. It was the brand’s first to eliminate the home button and narrow the frames, which required the famous ‘notch’, the eyebrow that integrates the speaker, the front camera and the TrueDepth sensor that allows Face ID to function properly.

Rumors iPhone 12: Filtered design possible
Rumors iPhone 12: Filtered design possible

This design, despite its initial controversy, was applauded by a majority of users. Even other brands wanted to emulate it on their respective devices. However, almost three years have passed, with the respective iPhone renovations, and we are still seeing an identical front design. It is true that this is the best solution to integrate the aforementioned sensors without losing quality and efficiency, but it is also a reality that most brands have been able to evolve their designs by doing more and more honor to the concept of “infinite screen”.

That’s why there are many signs of joy among users every time a rumor arises, however small, that Apple is going to eliminate notch. In the last information we have known, which has been around for several days, we see the scheme of an iPhone without notch that makes more than one dream.

2020, the most complicated year of rumours

It seems that this scheme we are talking about has been taken from an alleged iOS 14 leak along with other news that we have already learned about in the past weeks. However, we cannot give it maximum credibility, nor can we give it maximum credibility to other rumors. This year is being one of the strangest in terms of rumors of the new iPhone.

While in other years we were already more certain of the new devices, this year we lived immersed in a sea of doubts with numerous contradictory information . Analysts close to Apple agree on few things, such as the LiDAR sensor of the cameras we have already seen in the iPad Pro 2020. However, many aspects of the design are still unclear.

In January 2019, a design for iPhone 11 with the new camera package had already been leaked. There were 9 months left and many did not give credit to those images, but despite the slight differences later on, the new Apple devices ended up being just as we saw them. This 2020 on the contrary we found renders of all kinds: with notch, without notch, with double camera, with quadruple camera… All kinds of possible designs without us knowing how to predict which will be the right one.

To tell the truth there is one more thing that the experts agree on, that the edges will be rounded in the purest iPad Pro style and as it was already the case with iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. In any case, these are relevant details but still do not allow us to imagine a more complete idea of what is to come. In any case, we will continue to keep an eye on any information that comes up and that is able to shed more light on this confusing iPhone 12.

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