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rumors about its design and features

The iPad Pro is highly regarded as Apple’s top-of-the-line tablet, while the student iPad is highly regarded for its excellent value. However, we have an intermediate range such as the iPad Air that straddles less demanding users and those who see the student model as too basic. Recently we have learned information that would make the next model in this range to be launched this year very attractive.

Revolution on the iPad Air

When the frameless iPad Pro and Face ID were announced in 2018, many wondered if this all-screen design would eventually spread to the rest of the iPad. Two years later, we haven’t seen any more models with this design, except for the next generation of the ‘Pro’ launched a month ago. However, since MacRumors have rescued the statements of a filter of Apple news that could be related to this issue.

rumors about its design and features
rumors about its design and features

Current iPad Air model

L0vetodream is the name used by this analyst, which does not have as much repercussion as Jon Prosser or Ming-Chi Kuo, but the truth is that this man has several hits behind his back. For example, he got the date of the announcement of the iPhone SE 2020 right and provided information about new AirPods and other products that were later discussed by other experts such as those already mentioned. That’s why it makes sense now to remember some of his tweets in which he highlighted several new features.

Perhaps the highlight is the design change on the iPad Air. As reported over a month ago, this device would have a new screen with mini LED materials similar to those rumored for the upcoming iPad Pro. In this case there would not be Face ID as many expect, but we would see a new feature like the Touch ID under screen. We understand that this feature would make the frames noticeably smaller and therefore we would see something that, in aesthetics, would be very similar to what we see in the high end.

Data on other launches

As far as other products are concerned, this analyst also talked about the possibility of seeing a low-end iPad this year with an A12 Bionic chip similar to the one mounted on the iPhone XS and XR. Also of the iPhone 12 advanced information as this would have four models, support for 5G connectivity, screen with high refresh rate up to 120 Hz and a smaller notch that later have been confirmed by other agents with sources close to the company of Cupertino.

Also in the field of Mac gave interesting information, such as a new model of 12-inch MacBook that would mount an ARM architecture processor. He also envisioned a 13-inch iMac and a special team from the company dedicated to video games that would fully exploit the Apple Arcade platform launched at the end of last year.

In terms of other devices and accessories, he showed a new Apple TV, the return of AirPower, a smaller-sized HomePod and was even among the first to advance that Apple was working on new headphones outside the current AirPods and AirPods Pro. A compendium of information that, if it turned out to be true, would make this one of the great information spokespersons for the apple brand.

We will have to continue waiting for information that confirms what we already know, but in any case, these plans do not sound crazy considering that the firm led by Tim Cook has decided to step on the gas in all its ranges of devices. We will also see how the COVID-19 pandemic affects the development and subsequent marketing of these products.