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Rumor assures noticeable improvements in iPhone 6 camera

Rumors continue to come in about the iPhone that Apple will surprise us with this year 2014. This time they are related to what would be the camera of this new iPhone 6 and everything points to an improvement in the quality and luminosity of the images .

According to the Chinese media IT168 Mobile Channel , they assure that the device will be on sale in June this year and the camera will improve in three fundamental aspects :

  • Megapixels: Apparently the camera will have 10 megapixels, a feature that will improve the quality of our images, especially when you want to print them in maximum quality, and can reach a size of 33 x 22 cm.
  • Resin Lens Filter: Because digital sensors are sensitive to infrared light and can alter the color of images captured by our device, the iPhone 5S now has a hybrid infrared filter that filters out these spectra and prevents color alteration. To improve these filters, iPhone 6 will have a resin filter, which is supposed to make the images sharper and brighter and the colors more accurate and uniform. These filters are developed by the company, JSR known for its Arton Resins, which are used in digital and video cameras with CMOS image sensors.
  • f1,8: If this were true, Cupertino’s seems to be still committed to improving images in low-light situations. With the arrival of the iPhone 5S, one of the improvements that surprised us was a 2.2 aperture and the iPhone 6 would bring us a 1.8 aperture. This would mean that the camera’s aperture would be larger and therefore capture much more light, making it much easier to take pictures in low light conditions.
  • Rumor assures noticeable improvements in iPhone 6 camera
    Rumor assures noticeable improvements in iPhone 6 camera

    Hopefully these features will become reality and the iPhone camera will remain one of the best digital cameras on mobile devices .