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Rockstar Games is interested in engineers to port GTA V to iOS

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Rockstar Games is interested in engineers to port GTA V to iOS
Rockstar Games is interested in engineers to port GTA V to iOS

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One of the most famous video game companies with the best titles under its arm is Rockstar. Their successful GTA saga is brewing in the fifth iteration, which we’ll see after the summer. But Americans are looking for equipment to port this game to mobile devices as well as computers and desktop consoles. So they are looking for a programmer for iOS and Android, who will probably end up on the GTA V team.

Rockstar is the well-known company behind such famous games as L.A. Noire or GTA. The latter enjoys unprecedented success, and is considered by many to be an icon of video game history .

So much so that not long ago the company that created it made a remake of the Vice City release for iOS, celebrating its tenth anniversary. Now, the game they have in their hands is GTA V, which our colleagues at Xombit Games are following very closely. Now what interests us iOS users is that Rockstar North is interested in porting this game to the iPhone and iPad.

This is what they say on their job offer website, where they are looking for a programmer with extensive technical knowledge in smartphones and tablets . The offer states that will work with a team of experienced developers and will help Rockstar bring new content to the mobile market .


To apply for the job, the candidate will need to have more than three years of experience in commercial application development , the ability to show quality published applications, great knowledge in iOS and Android, know programming in Objective-C, Cocoa and OpenGL.

Probably we are in front of an adaptation of the original game, that will lose all its essence regarding to be played in a console , because it will not have been thought from 0 to be played in a mobile device. This has happened with many games, ported from desktop platforms to mobile devices.

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