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Rocket VPN, surf safer from your iPhone for free

Our iPhones are usually connected to the Internet permanently and this poses a constant risk to our data and communications , especially if we connect through public WiFi networks; although in some ways also connected through the data plan of our operator. This is because we never know who might be “watching” what we are doing through the capture of our data over the network. In some cases the apps worry about our security and encrypt the data before being sent, but in many others this is not the case and the information travels freely. To protect ourselves we can use tools like Rocket VPN.

Rocket VPN is a tool that encrypts all the data coming out of your iPhone and thus allows you to be more secure from anyone who might be spying on the network you are connected to. In addition to this, it also allows us to connect to the Internet by hiding our location and real IP.

Put a VPN in your life!

Rocket VPN, surf safer from your iPhone for free
Rocket VPN, surf safer from your iPhone for free

Thanks to the app we can safely surf until we consume the 500 MB free that it gives us every month and connect as if we were in: USA, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Japan or France.

The way the application works is really simple. The only thing we have to do is download it from the App Store as we would do with any other application and, once installed, follow the steps indicated on the screen (it will ask us for permission to manage our VPN configurations and we must accept). Once the permissions have been accepted, the app will show us a button to connect and will also give us the option to switch between the different locations available.

In addition to the connection button and the possibility to change the location, the home page also shows us some information about your status. Just below the connect button we’ll see information about whether our data is encrypted or not, about whether the connection is secure and also about the location from which we’re connected. If we scroll down a little further we’ll see a counter of the remaining megabytes and a button that allows us to subscribe for more. Finally, we find another area from which we can change the location of our connection.

We have already mentioned that there is the possibility of subscribing to get more MB each month. Specifically, there are two subscription options that give you unlimited MB . The first one is monthly and costs 3.99 euros, while the second one is yearly and costs 25.99 euros.

Our iPhones have become indispensable devices and we are using them more and more for all kinds of tasks. That’s why keeping our data safe is very important and a VPN can be an indispensable tool in our arsenal ; especially if we usually connect to public WiFi networks, as that’s where we’re most exposed to prying eyes.

Download Rocket VPN for iPhone for free

We can download Rocket VPN completely free of charge from the App Store . Just by downloading it, we’ll have 500 MB per month to browse safely (please note that this data franchise has nothing to do with our data rate, but rather with the data that can “pass” through the VPN, both upstream and downstream) and if we need it, we can buy one of the unlimited plans from the app itself.

Rocket VPN is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch . It requires iOS 8 or higher to work properly and is currently available in English only (although its interface is very simple).

Do you want to be able to have conversations through WhatsApp more securely? Do you want to be able to access online banking without fear? Then don’t hesitate to take a look at this software, it could be a great help to you.

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