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Roaming will definitely disappear in Europe in 2017

We’ve been hearing about the end of roaming for several years now without that moment ever coming. In March 2014 the date was set for its disappearance in the countries of the European Union by the end of 2015, but now it seems that it already has a date set: 15 June 2017.

Many European citizens have been waiting a long time for roaming to stop so that they can travel from one country to another within the continent and use their mobile phone at no extra cost to their usual rate. Thus, everything seems to point to the definitive end of roaming in Europe next June 15, 2017 , so we will still have to wait a couple of years more.

Roaming will definitely disappear in Europe in 2017Roaming will definitely disappear in Europe in 2017

However, this does not mean that foreign SIM cards can be used in other European countries without any restrictions . In the following, we will look at what the disappearance of roaming would mean, what changes there would be and how they would affect users.

The European Commission will set a fair limit for roaming

In the document that talks about the end of roaming elaborated by the European Commission, it does not appear the “permanent roaming” , through which any type of foreign SIM card that is cheaper could be used without any type of control. This does not mean that they will not be able to be used, but will have some small restrictions to be able to do so.

What the European Commission will do is set a “fair limit” , a basic figure that the roaming user will have to pay. At the moment it is not known what this fair limit is, but the figure will be quite tight.

This is certainly great news for all those users who travel abroad frequently , but also for those who are going to make a trip on time. It will now be possible to use your SIM card in a country other than your own without worrying about when the bill arrives.

What is roaming?

Roaming consists of paying an extra amount for the phone rate you have contracted when you go abroad . So, when you leave Spain, in addition to what you usually pay for a call, a short message or your data rate, you will have to pay an additional amount, which is usually quite high.

Thanks to the new measures adopted by the European Commission customers will have to pay the same as in their home countries . It seems that tariffs will remain limited this summer in the EU, with customers having to pay 0.19 euros per minute for calls, 0.06 euros for each text message and 0.20 euros for each MB of data consumed, all these prices excluding VAT. Looking ahead to next year, prices will increase to £0.05 per minute, £0.02 per SMS and £0.05 per MB, also excluding VAT.

Since 9to5Mac they highlight how in some occasions Europe works like a big country , for example you can drive without having seen a border or simply showing your passport, however there are aspects in which there is a clear differentiation between countries . This is the case when paying data roaming charges outside your own country when making calls, sending messages or connecting to the Internet at your data rate.

Therefore, the definitive disappearance of roaming in Europe is very good news . Now we only have to wait until 15 June 2017 to see if this is really the day when roaming will be stopped in the EU and not just stopped.