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Roadmap from Intel, Tesla, Microsoft, Apple Store Puerta del Sol and OS X update Rumorsphere

We are at the gates of the start of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and the truth is that we are seeing few movements from Apple. It is clear that Apple is not lavish in these parts and although some years have given a coup from outside, we do not know that can happen this year (if anything). What we do know is what the competition is doing and what they are about to present.

We’ll have a new Samsung Galaxy, which is said to have a fingerprint sensor… We’ve got new Samsung watches and Google seems to be ready to bring out its own as well. It’s funny how a rumor like iWatch (of which we have only guesses and about which we have done nothing but hypothesis) has caused such a stir with many competitors of Apple presenting their proposals.

I find it very strange not to have seen a single image of the so-called iWatch, and this leads me to a personal appreciation. It is being developed entirely in the United States, and if it is in the process of being manufactured, it is doing so in plants on American soil. As with the Mac Pro, which we didn’t hear about until Apple introduced it, the reason was simply because it was developed and assembled in the United States.

But let’s continue with the rumours , which are not many.

  • It seems that Intel’s calendar for this year 2014 will affect the updates of Apple’s computers. For example, MacBook Air, which is Apple’s longest running laptop, will not see its chipset updated by Intel until the third quarter of this year.
  • We’re still going over the conversations between Apple and Tesla. Tesla’s CEO has acknowledged that such conversations exist but that it’s highly unlikely that Apple will buy Tesla. But can you imagine what a close collaboration between Apple and Tesla might entail? Apple wants to take Siri into cars, and we could actually see something very interesting about that.
  • Times change, and the hegemony is not so clear anymore. We are not talking about Apple itself, but if it seems that the decision may be motivated by an Apple decision, make OS X Mavericks available to its users for free. And now we see how Microsoft could lower the price of its Windows 8 licenses by 70 percent, between this and the decision to discontinue Windows XP, maybe they will finally get their users to jump.
  • It seems that the Apple Store in Puerta del Sol in Madrid is finally moving. Some users are talking about an acceleration in their works and we can see new job opportunities in Madrid on Apple’s website. Soon we will see what will be one of the most beautiful Apple Stores in Spain, with the permission of the one in Bilbao, which if suspicions are confirmed will be in one of the most beautiful areas of the city and you know what we say the Bilbainos of Bilbao, which is the capital of the world.
  • Apple seems to be having autonomy problems with the iWatch and this seems to be the main reason why its launch is being delayed. This may be the reason why it is investigating new methods of charging, induction and solar.
  • RumorsferaImagen
    Although the iOS update doesn’t seem to be coming, the same is not happening with OS X. Apple seems to have it almost ready now and it will bring a solution to some important issues that some MacBooks users are experiencing.

So far this week’s Rumorsfera, let’s see if Apple has any surprises in store for us to make a little splash during the Barcelona conference. See you next week.

Roadmap from Intel, Tesla, Microsoft, Apple Store Puerta del Sol and OS X update Rumorsphere
Roadmap from Intel, Tesla, Microsoft, Apple Store Puerta del Sol and OS X update Rumorsphere

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