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Risk Strategy Game for iPad

Now available on the App Store Global Conflict HD , a 3D strategy game type conquest, designed specifically for iPad and iPad2 and very similar to the world-renowned “Risk” .

In this game we must put on the battlefield all our tactics and cunning to achieve victory and dominate the world .

Risk Strategy Game for iPad
Risk Strategy Game for iPad

A fascinating and exciting game, with lots of surprises, some of them explosive! We must choose one of the available maps and deploy our troops, tanks and pieces of the conquest. The aim is to defend our territory remembering that the G8 countries are marked as the reference place and are more important from a strategic point of view.

The possible combinations to play are endless and you can play thousands of times without getting bored!

Some features of Global Conflict HD are

  • Multiplayer: The challenge of a maximum of 5 players
  • Multi-touch: You can zoom in on the map and scroll.
  • 3D details on the tanks.
  • G8 country marks with extra points.
  • HD graphics designed for the iPad

The game comes with a free classic map , the others (North America, Europe and Regional Europe) can be purchased from the application.

Global Conflict HD certainly looks good for those who love games like “Risk” and being free on the App Store can’t be missing on your iPad.

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