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RIM considered the iPhone to be impossible in 2007


Statements from a company employee recently revealed that when RIM first saw the iPhone, there was a real panic attack and chaos in the offices. In January 2007, it was not believed that something like the iPhone would be viable because of the theoretical battery consumption it represented.

RIM considered the iPhone to be impossible in 2007
RIM considered the iPhone to be impossible in 2007

One day after Steve Jobs surprised everyone with his phone, an emergency meeting was held at RIM (manufacturer of BlackBerry terminals). From it came all sorts of comments like ” a touch screen so big and multi-touch is impossible “, ” it can’t be possible unless it consumes a wild amount of energy “… they didn’t expect it and were very afraid that the same thing would happen with the iPhone as with the iPod . Other competitors like Microsoft, according to the source, also put their hands to the head when they saw the first iPhone in the hands of Apple’s CEO (as you can see in the video it was one of the keynotes most acclaimed).

And it has happened: Apple is expected to announce more than forty million phones sold this year in its financial results to be published on January 18th, and together with Android the iPhone is literally eating up the market of smartphones . RIM has promised to push hard in 2011, but we have to see what Apple will do about the iPhone 5.

It is always curious to see the reactions of the competition to everything Apple does. A phone with the system completely controlled by its manufacturer and not by the operator was unthinkable until then, but Apple knew well that it was just what the market needed . And perhaps the operators don’t like it, but the users do, and this can be seen with the sales and contracts that have been signed reluctantly at first.


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