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Rhapsody, the first intel.

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Today we will go back in time, until 1997-98, that year Steve was again as CEO of Apple taking Openstep with him for the development of an operating system more advanced than Mac os classic, after the failure of Copland, the first attempt to modernize Mac os. Rhapsody , was the bridge between Openstep and Mac os X. It was based on the first one, as it worked under Mach, and had Apple stuff like the interface, which was used in Mac os X server 1.0. But it wasn’t only a graphically improved Openstep, because the version for the Apple platform was (in theory) compatible with Mac OS X applications, as Osx is.

But the best part of it wasn’t there, since Apple created a version for Intel machines, which although it couldn’t use the classic Mac applications, was compatible with all of its Mac brother’s software, thanks to the Yellowbox (later Cocoa) libraries. This version can still be found on the net or even on Ebay, but of course I doubt they will be very useful for day-to-day use.

Rhapsody, the first intel.
Rhapsody, the first intel.

In short, Apple already had in mind the use of its O.S. in Intel, before Osx, but for some reason it didn’t see the light until about 8 years later.

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