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Revive all 2010 key notes and make a note of them

No company in the world like Apple manages to generate as much expectation with its events before the press, none. With Steve Jobs as the irreplaceable master of ceremonies, the keynote of the apple attracts both locals and strangers to its latest releases. The stock goes down and then up even more. Rumors, hopes, disappointments… Apple Events

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Revive all 2010 key notes and make a note of them
Revive all 2010 key notes and make a note of them


Many are waiting to discover the next digital revolution (which sometimes comes and sometimes doesn’t), others are just looking for answers about whether to wait or buy a product they wanted already, and the rest are just enjoying the show. There is no better way to experience the evolution of the company, so what do you think if we go over the five presentations that 2010 has left us (for the moment)? They are not wasted:

  • Apple Special Event on January 27 (Video Tracking). The year couldn’t have started any stronger. Apple presented for the first time the iPad, its awaited tablet. As usual, its detractors did not take long to appear but to this day few doubt its success. The iPad has managed to create a new segment where there was none before and not a few companies have jumped on the bandwagon with their own models. Other interesting new features of the presentation were the iBook Store (and the iBooks e-book reader), the iPad version of iWork and the A4 processor, which would later play a crucial role on the iPhone 4 as well.
  • Apple iPhone OS 4 Event of April 8th (Video Tracking). The introduction of iPhone OS 4 (not yet renamed to iOS) with 1500 new APIs and a number of features such as Game Center, digital zoom, touch focus, folders, wallpapers, multitasking and many more. The iPhone version of iBooks was also launched after its exclusive iPad release, and Apple’s advertising platform, iAd, was unveiled.
  • Apple WWDC 2010 Keynote Address June 7 (Video Tracking). The launch of the coveted iPhone 4 was slightly clouded by its previous leak but even without the surprise factor the presentation passed with flying colours thanks among other things to FaceTime.
  • Apple Special Event on September 1st (Video Tracking). A very special keynote for the Apple team as it is the first one we cover live by invitation from Apple. The traditional music event of the apple company left us with the renewal of the iPod player range, iTunes 10 and the (failed) launch of the social network Ping. The icing on the cake was the presentation of iOS 4.1, the preview of version 4.2 (with pleasant new features for iPad users), and the radical change of Apple TV.
  • Apple Special Event on October 20 (Video Tracking). You should still have this one fresh in your memory (where have you been that you weren’t following it with us!?) but in case the flies are here you have the link. You know, the presentation of the new MacBook Air, iLife’11 and a brief look at what will be Mac OS X Lion.

At the moment, Apple is not expected to organize a sixth date in 2010 but I am convinced that we will receive some juicy new developments in the new year. Shall we bet on it?

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