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Revisión: Mi libro en vivo

In this analysis we show you the Western Digital MyBook Live, an external hard drive designed by and for being in a network. The absence of a USB port makes it the perfect companion to the router.

These days we are all busy looking for a good gift, whether it’s for your partner, your parents or that grumpy brother who keeps complaining. I usually have little time or leave all my chores for the last day, so this week is being really exhausting, I’ve been several days walking around different malls and specialty shops, so far I only found one gift, I will not say who is the recipient in case you read these lines :), but it is a My Book Live from Western Digital.

Why a My Book Live?

Revisión: Mi libro en vivoRevisión: Mi libro en vivo

Western Digital has long been an icon when it comes to data storage. Now, with My book Live, it aims to go one step further by allowing users to organize their content and access their information from anywhere , thanks to the new WD 2go and WD TV Live mobile applications.

Today the trend is to centralize all the contents in one place and access it from as many devices as possible (TV, PS3, iPad, PC, Mac, etc …) thanks to WD this is not only possible, but also easy. My Book Live offers us reliable access to all our documents from any device and we can assure you that its use is so easy that any member of the family can use it.

At home we are all quite movie lovers, so the repository of movies and series at home is quite shocking, but the real problem is who gets the TV in the dining room or more importantly who gets the External HD. Thanks to My Book Live, my parents will be able to watch their favourite series on the TV in the dining room and meanwhile my brother will be able to watch the last anime episode by streaming from his future iPad.


The back of the unit is very simple; it contains a single data input and output port (the Ethernet port), the power input, the Kensington lock and the reset pin. This simple design, with the minimum of connections required, clearly shows us what the My Book was designed for and how it should be used. So without further ado I connected it to one of the Ethernet ports of my router .

The My Book Live contains inside a hard disk of 3,5″ with a capacity that can vary depending on the chosen model (1TB, 2TB and 3TB), entering a little more in detail, we can obtain the following models:

  • 1 TB (WDBACG0010HCH)
  • 2 TB (WDBACG0020HCH)
  • 3 TB (WDBACG0030HCH)

Configuration and use

Although My Book Live is easily detectable by any operating system, (it takes MacBook Air only a few seconds to detect it within the network) WD includes a quick guide to setup and use. Just follow a few small steps to have your My Book Live perfectly configured.

External applications

As I told you before, one of the most important specifications of this external HDD are the mobile applications provided by Western Digital. They are really simple, and their use is intuitive and effective, offering an easy access to the files no matter where we are (yes, it is not necessary to be in the same network, we just need to have Internet access). We have conducted several tests, but the two most prominent and interesting were when we connected to My Book Live from an iPad to view a series by streaming and when connecting from outside the network, through an iPhone to access our documents. If anyone is concerned about access to the network from outside, we will only mention that the system is secure, but quite simple. It uses identification codes associated with external applications and identifies directly with the My Book Live, without the need to configure firewall or redirect ports on the router.


With My Book Live, WD offers a complete personal cloud that is easy to use and configure, allowing home users to create a centralized communication environment in their home without having to create complex NAS systems. Although the main feature that makes it really attractive is the ability to serve content through its specific applications for mobile devices, allowing access to your data from anywhere in the world.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Fast communication via Ethernet port.
  • Simple and elegant interface and applications, perfect for the home user.
  • Good read-write speed


  • There are no additional USB-host connections. It would be quite interesting.
  • Does not allow RAID