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Revisión de 2K Drive para iOS

Today we analyzed 2K Drive, the one that has come to shadow Real Racing and in our opinion stays on the road. With a somewhat crude control, and not much compatibility even with iOS 7, 2K Drive shows off its various tests of all kinds: rallies, challenges, helicopters, classic races… But as I say, with a control that leaves something to be desired and an interface that is not at all clear to the user.

It has already arrived in Lucid Games’ attempt to unseat the great Real Racing. Today we can find a lot of variety in the App Store as far as the racing genre is concerned, with paid titles or others following the model freemium and abusing the purchases within the application that in the end do not bring anything to the player. 2K Drive is a good contribution to this genre in the App Store, you’ll see why.

Availability and price

Revisión de 2K Drive para iOS
Revisión de 2K Drive para iOS

As not 2K Drive is only available in the Apple App Store, as a universal application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Although it was previously claimed that the title would be freemium , i.e. free with purchases within the app, this was not the case in the end and now costs 5.99 euros.


The first contact with the game is bad. Very bad, even more so if you have played Real Racing before. The controls seem very hard, without responding to our actions. So the first thing you’ll have to do after your first race is to go to the settings menu to disable all driving aids and increase the sensitivity to the maximum. At least in my case, after changing the settings, that’s when I started to feel comfortable. You can also set, instead of driving through the accelerometer, the typical virtual steering wheel on screen and you can even set a hand brake and manual gear change.

The game revolves around several game modes, mainly the daily challenges, the championships, and other types of races. The championships have their own special features: already in the first level the objective will be to escape from the radius of a helicopter chasing you, or to overtake a specific number of cars in a specific time. No doubt in the aspect of 2K Drive variety it does stand out, variety in the type of events you can compete in. As with most games, you’ll unlock more challenges and levels as you play and level up.

There is something similar to the asynchronous multiplayer mode as in Real Racing, but very limited and not very interactive. The issue of taking a picture and putting it on the driver’s face is not very motivating, it would be more interesting to be able to race against your friend virtually and not just against his brand – in the end it’s the same, but the how is important.

2K Drive (5,99 euros)

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There was some confusion this summer about whether the game would be freemium or not. In the end it wasn’t, but the game does have so much unlockable content through shopping and waiting times alone. The good thing is that the times are not exaggerated as they can be in EA’s freemiums , but it is a few minutes, in some cases seconds. What I don’t like is that these purchases are quite intrusive, as every few minutes they want to slip it in, and it’s not something normal in a game that you’ve already paid for. By the way, if you want to unlock everything, you can pay a little more, apart from the cost of the game itself of course.



The overall game is fine. It’s above average in the App Store of this genre, but Real Racing is much higher, it’s out of the averages. There are few licensed cars and there will be some that will not get used to the controls despite having adjusted them to taste, as is my case. I don’t feel like playing the same as in other games because I don’t like the controls.

What does give the touch to 2K Drive are the tests, such as mini-games or rallies, no doubt a success, along with the combination of the news section that brings together the news of the world. As a more negative aspect, apart from the handling, I would highlight the navigation through the menus: it is not clear, the buttons are not descriptive and sometimes you can get lost.

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