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Review de GTA San Andreas para iOS

A couple of days ago the guys from Rockstar Games fulfilled the wish of many users from the App Store by publishing in this same store one of their most popular games, GTA San Andreas , in this case for iOS. Immediately was positioned in the Top 5 of paid apps in almost all stores where it was launched, and not in vain, as the 8.99 euros it costs does not disappoint at all.

After several days of trying the game these are the sensations it conveys and conclusions I have reached.

The graphics we encountered

Review de GTA San Andreas para iOS
Review de GTA San Andreas para iOS

Perhaps the most surprising part of all, is that what until a couple of years ago was a game that required powerful consoles like the PlayStation 2 now we can enjoy it on our iPhone and iPad at an incredible fluidity .

It is true that we can’t configure great things in this section within the game , but the graphics it has are no match for the San Andreas of PC or PlayStation 2.

What is incredible is that a map as extensive as that of San Andreqs and with so many graphic elements can be run by a phone or a tablet – of course you can see the potential of Apple’s 64-bit chip – this makes us think about the evolution and the bet of the developers in games for iOS .

The plot of the game

Practically what we find is the PC and console game moved to iOS . With the same stories, elements, videos and mini-games as in the original game. So don’t expect to find any surprises inside the title.

Price and requirements

As mentioned above, GTA San Andreas is priced at 8.99 euros in the Spanish App Store . However, what we haven’t said so far is that the game requires an iPhone 4s or higher or an iPad 2 or higher , as the game needs a lot of graphic power to run, something that an iPhone 4 doesn’t offer nowadays, for example.

Touch controls

Perhaps that’s the only aspect of the game we could consider negative. The Achilles’ heel of iPhone and iPad games is the touch screen. When controlling a game with a touch joystick, for example, we find it difficult to operate. This is mainly due to the comfort offered by having a joystick physically, however, this does not mean that the touch does not work properly.

In GTA San Andreas for iOS we found this problem, but despite this the controls have been correctly adapted to the touch screen . Hopefully the first controls that have been and will be released for iOS will solve this problem, as GTA San Andreas has support for these controllers.

Of course Rockstar Games has done it again, as they did with GTA III and GTA Vice City, the latest title for iOS has also been a success . We hope that soon we will have among us also GTA IV for iOS, which would be a great achievement for the developer of video games and especially for mobile devices such as the iPhone or iPad, being the first to achieve such a level.


In general terms GTA San Andreas is a very successful game , both graphically, as a plot and as a sound. Therefore its price is reasonable, so I recommend the purchase to any nostalgic of this great title.

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