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Resurrect your iPhone’s Home Button with alcohol

Danieldice: August 16, 2013 at 9:49

The iPhone’s Home Button can be used to perform many routine actions, such as quitting applications, opening multitasking or using Siri. There are several reasons why the Home Button may stop working, so we will review several methods that could repair the Home Button of our iPhone.

Resurrect your iPhone’s Home Button with alcohol
Resurrect your iPhone’s Home Button with alcohol

1) Calibrating the Home buttonIf our problem is that the Home button responds to our presses with a delay, the solution may be to recalibrate the Home button. Press and hold the Sleep button until the message to turn off the iPhone appears. Immediately, we release the standby button and press and hold the Home button for 5 to 10 seconds. The application will close, and if we are lucky and the malfunction of the Home button is due to a software failure, the problem will be solved, otherwise continue to the next method.

2) Realigning the Home ButtonIf you’ve reached this step, one possible solution is to realign the Home Button using the 30-pin connector by plugging in your iPhone’s charger, and pushing the connector slightly against the back of the Home Button. Press the Home button, and check if the fault has been fixed.

3) Cleaning the Home buttonIf the two previous steps do not work, it is likely that the dirt is causing our Home button to malfunction. For this, we will need at least 95% isopropyl alcohol. Do not use any other type of alcohol, as it contains water and could damage your iPhone. With the iPhone turned off, take a piece of cotton and apply a few drops of alcohol. Pass the cotton over the Home button, being careful not to touch the screen. Press the Home button one after the other to allow the alcohol to filter out completely. Clean the surface of the iPhone and wait 10 to 15 minutes to see if it worked

4) Setting the Home button on the home screen

If the previous methods have not worked, the only solution (without going through the technical service) that we have left is to place a virtual Home button on the home screen. In this menu, select the Accessibility option, and activate the AssistiveTouch option. At this point, you will see that a point appears on the screen, which you can place anywhere on the side of the screen. Once set, clicking on it will open a menu where you can perform different options, such as open Siri, use the Home button, increase and decrease the volume or block the screen.

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